Random Cam Story:

Porn, I like it! Reading erotica, pictures, webcams and video. I don't use porn to replace anything. I just like  looking/reading to feel a little joy and pleasure. I'll scroll thru the different categories on an adult site, stopping at different folders, jerking off taking myself close to cumming but stopping. When I do cum, I like watching it spurt out and sometimes licking up my own cum. I also would like to sitting back with my lady watching porn and masturbating the other. Or maybe be sitting at the computer, going thru an adult site as she sucks my cock making me cum. Or as she watches and I go down on her eating and fingering her pussy.  
Dirty stories, erotica, I like reading erotica so I can stroke my cock slowly and building up slow. Every so often I like to stroke as hard and fast as I can but not cumming. When I do cum reading erotica is when I can't hold it back and just hold the base of my cock and see how hard and high I can make my cum spurt from my cock.
Video, online streaming, webcam and pictures, I like looking at it all.
Pictures I like because you can find a women in pose you like or type of woman you like and a sexual act you like. Bi pictures I like see a guys cock rock hard, throbbing and cum coated cocks. 
Video, I like watching others fucking, sucking, jerking off plus you get to hear everything. Hear a woman moaning and taking as she has an orgasm. Hear the bodies slapping together. Or hearing the husband in the background as his wife is with a guy and/or woman. 
Porn has so many different categories but I usually go thru the same ones. 
Amateur porn is HOT! I prefer amateur porn, the people are older and they are the type people I could meet and play with. I love watching a real woman sucking her mans cock and either taking a face full of cum or making the guy cum all over her titties. FFM 3somes are hot because the women tend to make out longer and passionately. I love watching two women kissing and making out. MMF 3somes I like when the guys are bi. Sucking each others cocks, then turning their attention on the woman, taking turns, then DP the woman, one in her pussy and the other in her ass. Then ending with her on her knees sucking both cocks and guys cumming all over her titties. Amateur swinger party video are hot too. One thing I like to watch and have a fantasy about is watching a woman try out a strangers BBC. My lady and I went to an "adult" club, we toured the area where anything goes. After she sucked me off, she sucked off a complete stranger, HOT!!! So I also like checking out video of couples venturing into adult theaters and/or video booths with gloryholes sucking off strangers, hell I would join in sucking in a video booth gloryhole.
Shemales, those videos have a lot going on so I stick to the ones of solo tgirls showing off their bodies and stroking their hard cock, then leaning back, stroking their cocks. Especially the ones with thick cock, watching them stroke their cock, caressing her titties and teasing her ass. When she is getting ready to cum, stroking hard and fast cumming all over their chest, stomach and dripping off the cock and hand. 
BBW I like looking at some of them it, mostly because there are alot more "mature" women in this category, fuller titties and rounder ass. Plus I like meat on my womans bones. 
Mature or MILF, other than amateur this is my favorite. Like I always say, I love older women. I love them nude, tight clothing and having sex.
Webcams, I do have to say I like them, they can be alot of fun as a couple. Once being a member of a swingers website, my lady and I, together and alone, watched peoples webcams. Watching couples playing with each other, women masturbating and guys stroking there cocks. I really like watching a wife and/or girlfriend going down on a guy sucking his cock, tittie fucking a guy and the couples fucking. There was a couple times my lady and I got into the action and gave others a hot show. The first time my lady viewed her first guy/guy action was on a web cam. There was a guy/guy couple with there cam on. When the guy went down on the other one, I could see my lady rubbing her clit and when I touched her pussy it was dripping wet. She even sat and rode my cock while watching the webcam. Because of that webcam we started having bi MMF. 

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